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    Home of the Rochester Blackhawks


    New year, new restaurants!
    Invite your friends and family and join RYH Boosters at La Corona in Rochester on Wednesday, January 18th, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.  
    20% of your food and beverage purchases will be donated to the organization.
    Check the bulletin board for updates as the date approaches.
    Rochester Youth Hockey Night at the UNH Women's Ice Hockey game on Saturday, January 21st @ 4PM.  
    Wear your Blackhawks gear and come cheer on UNH as they play the UMaine Blackbears.  
    Purchase your tickets in advance at the Breakaway Cafe (snack shack) for $5 each.  Tickets will be on-sale through January 15th.


    Check out the Blackhawks Newsletter 

    December is Available NOW! 

    December Calendar Fundraiser Results!    

    Day Winner Sold By Team
    12-1-16 Jennifer Farrow Sydney Kleiner Mite XL
    12-2-16 Nicholas Kanelos Harrison Hutching Red Mite
    12-3-16 Justin Carloni Thomas Carloni Maroon Mite
    12-4-16 Larry Coon Owen Coon Squirt 2
    12-5-16 Valerie Mills Logan Batchelder Mite XL
    12-6-16 Kathy Lord Sydney Kleiner Mite XL
    12-7-16 Elaine Labrie Ricky Sevigney Maroon Mite
    12-8-16 Charlie Arkwell Tavien Hemingway Intro
    12-9-16 Georgia Garland Emmett Garland Maroon Mite
    12-10-16 Andrea & Jospeh Langella Brody L Mite XL
    12-11-16 Jeramy Oliver Cody B Maroon Mite
    12-12-16 Wade Welch Connor L Mite XL
    12-13-16 Cheryl Monat Nevaeh M Blue Mite
    12-14-16 Kelli Shapleigh Jackson S Blue Mite
    12-15-16 Wesley Chesser Riley K Mite XL
    12-16-16 Kevin Bourque Cameron B Squirt 2
    Karen Estrella Brady A Mite XL
    12-18-16 Riley Kondroski Riley K Mite XL
    12-19-16 Mandy Young Maddox Y Red Mite
    12-20-16 Bill LeDuc Hunter Grondin Red Mite
    12-21-16 Justin Carloni Thomas Carloni Maroon Mite
    12-22-16 Todd Jones Wes J Squirt 1
    12-23-16 Scott Huff Cayden M Red Mite
    12-24-16 Audrey Brecknock Maddox M Red Mite
    12-25-16 Mark Callanan Connor L Mite XL
    12-26-16 Rob Malin Emmett Garland Maroon Mite
    12-27-16 Brandy Berger Ben O Squirt 1
    12-28-16 Maggie Lacroix Ricky Sevigney Maroon Mite
    12-29-16 Jessica Carloni Thomas Carloni Maroon Mite
    12-30-16 Beverly Hludik Logan B Mite XL
    12-31-16 Geraldo Paulino Giada Lopes Maroon Mite

    RYH thanks you for your support!!