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Rochester Arena Guidelines 

COVID-19 Guidelines for Ice Season

Rochester Arena is operating in accordance with all CDC, State of New Hampshire and City of Rochester guidelines for COVID 19. 

In the interest of public health and safety, all users and patrons must adhere to the following:

  • Masks or facial coverings are MANDATORY.
  • Wearing a mask and social distancing while in locker rooms is required.
  • Anyone exhibiting or experiencing symptoms of COVID 19 as identified by the CDC is NOT permitted to enter the facility.
  • No more than one 2 Spectators per player is permitted in the Arena during practice or game.  No exceptions.
  • Entrance to Arena will not be permitted until 15 minutes before scheduled practices or games.
  •  All athletes and customers using the ice surface shall undergo a health screening questionnaire.  
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the facility and should be used frequently.
  • Locker rooms are open.  Use of showers is not permitted.
  • Only players and coaches are allowed in locker rooms. 
  • Players and coaches shall exit the facility no more than 15 minutes after practice or game.
  • Spectators should shall exit the facility immediately after practice or game through back door near snack shack.

These rules and guidelines may be amended or expanded. 

Bellow is the the link for the Rochester Arena Covid digital check in:

Rochester Arena is using LiveBarn this year!

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Dear RYH Families and Friends

The Rochester Youth Hockey Board of Directors would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021 season!

We held our annual meeting on Tuesday, July 14th with over 40 people in attendance.  We elected 5 new board positions. Much of our conversation was in regards to the Covid pandemic and what RYH is doing to be able to have a hockey season. RYH is working with the city of Rochester and arena staff on a reopening plan that allows for a safe season with as minimal disruption as possible. This is a fluid and constantly changing scenario and we will be updating everyone soon. We thank you for your patience.

Please be on the lookout in email, the RYH website and social media for updates, including jersey fittings, opening weekend and reopening guidelines.

Again, RYH would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate this and we look forward to seeing the players and families this season! Stay safe.


Rochester Youth Hockey

RYH 2019/20 End of Season Meeting

Please come and join us to recap our 2019-2020 season and find out how you can join the board for the upcoming 2020/21 season. We will have a general meeting with opportunity for member input and will hold a election for those that have interest in becoming a RYH board member.

Date: Tuesday July 14th
Time: 6 pm
Location: Rochester Arena Parking Lot

To keep with CDC guidance we ask that you bring your own chair and maintain seating/social distance of 6ft and recommend masks to be worn.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding as we have all been navigating through this pandemic and look forward to seeing you again.

Thank you,

Rochester Youth Hockey

New 2019 Concussion Management Program and Return to Play Forms

By USA Hockey, 03/15/19, 10:10AM MDT

Player safety is the top priority of USA Hockey. That’s why updates are being made to the Concussion Management Program and Return to Play forms for the 2019-20 season.

Kevin Margarucci, USA Hockey’s manager of player safety, answered questions about the changes, how they’ll be implemented, and how they’ll enhance the youth hockey experience.

Q: What's new with the Concussion Management Program?

A: Beginning with the 2019-20 season, any athlete held out for concussion evaluation or who has been diagnosed with a concussion must provide a written Return to Play form from a qualified medical provider allowing them to return to any training, practice or game activity with no restrictions. The parent must sign the form and the coach must also sign the form acknowledging that they received it.

Q: What do parents, coaches, managers and volunteers need to know about the Return to Play form?

A: The form will be available online in April for the new registration season, and it will be required starting with the 2019-20 playing season. The form can be printed and filled out, and then must be signed by a qualified medical provider. The parent and coach must then sign the form. It should be kept with the team coach or manager. We are working on a system where the forms can be filed with the district player safety coordinator and we can begin an injury database for concussion incidents. The data will be de-identified for privacy and HIPPA compliance. I should note that beginning with the 2019-20 season, a new volunteer position called Player Safety Coordinator will be implemented in each district (see more information here).

Q: Who counts as a qualified medical provider that can sign off on Return to Play?

A: That is defined differently in each state statute as it pertains to concussions. This is an area where the district player safety coordinators will work to clearly identify those health care professionals in each state who can legally clear a player to return after a concussion.

Q: Has USA Hockey been trending in the right direction with its emphasis on concussion prevention, management and return-to-play protocol? How will this be another step forward?

A: Our concussion management program has always been updated based on the latest research and recommendations. It also aligns with the 2017 Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport from the 5th International Conference on Concussion in Sport in Berlin. Many state statutes pertaining to concussions require written return to play. Some of our districts and affiliates already require written clearance for return to play. This latest update aligns all of USA Hockey with this written return to play requirement and provides a standard form for use by all.

Q: Is the culture surrounding concussions making progress in youth hockey?

A: I believe so. The awareness and recognition of concussions has grown by parents, coaches and players. The mantra, ‘When in doubt, sit them out’ is a guiding principle that has taken hold in our sport and something we will continue to reinforce. And a relatively new initiative through the Concussion Legacy Foundation that we’ve supported is called Team Up, Speak Up. It’s focus is to let players know it is OK to, and that they should, speak up for a teammate who may have a concussion and report to a coach, parent, doctor or athletic trainer.  It’s great to see the progress we’ve made, and together we will continue to affect positive change related to the overall safety of our game.