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Register early for this program as there are a limited amount of openings and an equipment fitting will be held on September 4th.

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2018-19 Coach Registration

All coaches must register with Rochester Youth Hockey in order to be placed on the official team roster. 

Before registering with RYH, please register with USA Hockey to obtain a USAH # (needed for your RYH coach registration). Click the link below to register with USA Hockey:

After obtaining your USA Hockey number, click the link below to complete your RYH coach registration for the 2018-19 season:

Our Season is Quickly Approaching

USA Hockey magazine's recent issue has a brief article on tips to prepare for the upcoming season.  Worth a quick read to help get us from summer season to hockey season!  (click on the image on the left to get to the article)

2018-19 Player Registration is Open!

Hockey Season is less than a month away!

Registration is important because it ensures you receive all communications and the league has all of the information and required releases.

For the 2018-2019 season, Rochester Youth Hockey has combined the tuition and player registrations into one registration which you can now find on our website. 

Before registering with RYH, please renew your child's membership with USA Hockey to obtain a new USAH # (needed for your RYH player registration). 

Here are the quick steps to register for the upcoming season.  There are two steps. 

  • STEP 1 - Go to and click on Membership.  Renew your players membership for $47.  Make note of the USAH number (under barcode, format is 123912345LASTN.  Please ensure that the 4th digit is “9” since that is a membership for the upcoming season.)
  • STEP 2 - Go to this link: and complete your player’s registration.  Make sure you choose the correct level/team when asked. You can choose to pay online or offline.

5 Ways to Create Confident Hockey Players

By Dave Pond - Special to USA Hockey

According to National Alliance for Youth Sports research, almost 70% of young athletes quit competitive sports by the time they hit their teenage years.

Although the reasons range from the overall cost of athletics to a desire to try new things, parents and coaches can’t overlook the fact that, as teams become more and more competitive, success – or failure – has the opportunity to make or break each kid.

Read more... 

Program Offerings for the 2018-2019 Season

Click on the link below to view the 2018-2019 Program Flyer

Countdown to the 2018-19 Season